Live Review: Meg Mac, The Money War, Georgia Fair

6 October 2017 | 5:18 pm | Aneta Grulichova

"It was the song everyone was waiting for, and McInerney didn't disappoint."

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Folk duo Georgia Fair kicked off the Perth leg of Meg Mac's Low Blow tour with a sold-out show. Their charisma was infectious with their dreamy lyrics, smooth vocals and mind-blowing guitar rhythms in Old Friend

The Rosemount was buzzing as The Money War graced the stage, jumping into Real Life's slow melody. Dylan Ollivierre and Carmen Pepper vocals harmonise so beautifully together, it's just heavenly, especially on '70s psychedelic indie-rock melodies like Give It Time and Stars.

Nothing but squeals filled the room as Meg Mac (real name McInerney) emerged in her signature wide-brimmed hat and a beautiful cream-coloured lace suit. She dominated the stage with her presence, kicking off the set with Turning as she moved from one end to the other. "First Perth show tonight," she said, as though amazed that it sold out, before launching into Grace Gold and Known Better, the first song she ever recorded. McInerney's delivery was flawless, her powerful voice reaching all the high notes.

"I've been waiting to sing this song in October, now I can," she said as she began Cages with the crowd singing to every word. As she removed her hat, she explained Brooklyn Apartment (It's Louder Than The TV And The Radio) is a glimpse into her time in New York and how noisy the neighbours were at her Airbnb. Light chatter from the crowd ruined the intimate song Shiny Bright, McInerney giving all her heart and soul alone on the piano. Moving to a loop pedal McInerney impressed with Saint Philomene, her soft vocals exploding to a roar. Grandma's Hands and Low Blows were crowd favourites and they clapped with hands with the beat before McInerney's soulful voice transcended in Never Be.

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Piano ballad If You Want Me To Stay was beautiful, before Roll Up Your Sleeves got the crowd dancing and singing. It was the song everyone was waiting for, and McInerney didn't disappoint. Hands down, ​McInerney will blow you away; she has a killer set of lungs. It was pure perfection. That stage was hers.