Live Review: Massacre Launch: The Bride, Anchored, Aveira Skies

7 August 2012 | 10:18 am | Daniel Cribb

It would appear security at The Beat Nightclub haven't had many dealings previously with hardcore crowds, with the vocalist of Anchored confronted and almost denied entry because of his attire. But once punters had removed their hats and hoods, the upstairs bar, where the first instalment of Massacre was ready to kick off, was much more accommodating.

A droning hum took control of the small room as Aveira Skies geared up and, before the band had time to play anything, vocalist Haydn Wood leapt off the stage and onto the dancefloor. The usual semicircle of punters was formed and it was hard to tell whether it was created due to a lack of enthusiasm or whether people were worried about being struck by the flailing arms of the frontman. Once warmed up, their set held an energetic vibe that enticed those on the sidelines to join in.

Taking a lesson from the openers, Anchored also forced the crowd to become involved with the show - shortly into their set they introduced large plush soccer balls into the crowd, which flew around like beach balls at a festival, knocking over every drink in their path. By their final few songs most of the band were utilising their wireless gear, running around the room whilst playing their brand of metal-infused hardcore as punters eagerly awaited the east coast headliners.

“You've got a strong scene here in Perth and the only way it's going to stay strong is if everyone leaves here with a smile,” The Bride's Kevin Schwartz announced, and from the moment they started jumping around on stage, that was their mission. Now in their sixth year as a band, playing music together since they were 14, it's no surprise these guys know who to throw down live. The charismatically inspiring stage talk of Schwartz left little room for dull moments, during War Widow he had the entire room jumping in sync, and the floor was actually shaking. When finale You Hung Yourself rolled around it was hard to tell where the band ended and the crowd started. The debut of Massacre shaped up into an impressive night with a room full of people ready to party that complimented the intimate and energetic nature of the music played.

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