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Album Review: Lycanthrope - Chapters

12 February 2018 | 4:38 pm | Rod Whitfield

"'Chapters' is a very solid debut effort from this Aussie act..."

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To the outsider looking in, the metalcore and post-hardcore sub-genres seem a little tired, and somewhat of a cookie-cutter scene.

To the committed aficionado, the seemingly endless stream of bands coming through the ranks who are plying this musical trade is a dream come true. And you can add the name of these Novocastrians to that ever-expanding list.

This six-piece, who feature a triple-guitar assault, probably aren't doing anything startlingly new with the genre. However, what they do, they do ridiculously well. This album sounds absolutely razor sharp, and it gets all the metalcore formulas exactly right: it's thumpingly heavy where it needs to be, with the guitars positively sizzling, while the soaring clean vocals and breakdowns kick in at exactly the right moments. The songs exhibit wall to wall strength, with the standout being the blistering Bitter Resistance. Follow My Name provides very sweet and welcome mid-album dynamics too.

Chapters is a very solid debut effort from this Aussie act, and the many who love this scene across Australia and around the world should find plenty to enjoy here.

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