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Live Review: Infinity Broke, Day Ravies, Roadhouses

3 October 2015 | 12:10 pm | Chris Familton

Gloriously inventive avant-rock at its finest.

Bathed in red light, Roadhouses created a similarly late-night, intoxicated vibe with a set that was equal parts slowcore and codeine country like Lucinda Williams fronting Spain. Yvonne Moxham’s guitar shimmered via drawn out chords that hung in the air while she sang songs on the sadder side of romance. Less is more in Roadhouses and the rhythm section featuring Cec Condon (Mess Hall) were the perfect foil, filling in the spaces with deft and delicate touches where required.

Day Ravies upped the ante tenfold in terms of volume and energy, their expanded line-up now including Kate Wilson (The Holy Soul, The Laurels) and a second guitarist. With the juxtaposition of Sam Wilkinson’s snarling voice and the lighter melodic phrasings of Caroline de Dear and Lani Crooks they dove straight into a set that careened through US-style indie rock, twee C86 guitar-pop and layered shoegaze textures. Musically they nailed it with their wonderful balance of primitive crush and detailed nuances but the vocal interplay was too disconnected and at times a distraction from the music.

Infinity Broke were lucky to have original drummer Jared Harrison back behind the kit for a gig that was right up there with the best shows they’ve played. Balance is the key to the band’s sound. All of the instruments sounded embedded in just the right place both in terms of the performance and the sound mix. Song-wise the set was perfectly paced, from the concise and menacing rock of Only The Desert Grows and the staggered dynamics of Papa Was A Clown to the live centrepiece - Monsoon - stretched to what felt like 20 minutes with bassist Reuben Wills taking up residency in the audience while the the taut krautrock pulse and freeform guitar squalls stretched deep into the night. Gloriously inventive avant-rock at its finest.