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Album Review: Impending Doom - 'Death Will Reign'

1 December 2013 | 1:53 pm | Staff Writer
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A strong yet expected release with some definite highlights.

'Death Will Reign' has a certain duality to it. It's predictable yet strong. Impending Doom offer high points among many rather average points, presenting very little development despite being a solid release. Make sense?!

Beyond the Grave’ is the first real standout  that holds your attention right from the ambient introduction and all-out guitar entrance. The layers of vocals on the track are certainly something to appreciate, as well as a small drop in intensity followed by an insane burst of noise. ‘My Own Maker’ follows this with a particularly great high-range guitar introduction. 

Impending Doom have many of the musical boxes ticked off. They have experience and polish. The issue isn't with performance, but rather innovation. While it's a common thread problem with most contemporary deathcore, it still seems a significant issue.

An emotional anthem of distrust and regret, ‘Rip, Tear, and Burn’ is another clear highlight. While, ‘Hellhole’ is an especially dense song that has, perhaps, the heaviest vocals on the album. At times, Brook Reeves’ voice becomes distorted almost beyond all recognition, and shows the remarkable extent of his range. The strings in ‘My Blood’ set the song apart from other tracks on the album. 

'Death Will Reign' is heavy. However, that was always to be expected. Fans will find suitable points to embrace and perhaps new listeners will find inviting sounds equally. If you can excuse a narrow blueprint and perhaps a slight disregard for progression, this album will appeal. It's decent enough.

‘Death Will Reign’ is a strong, albeit somewhat expected, release that will only really carry slight disappointment for those who were hoping for something new. However, the passion and honesty of the band, something you can’t fake, really comes through.

1. Ravenous Disease

2. Death Will Reign

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3. Beyond the Grave

4. My Own Maker

5. Doomsday

6. Rip, Tear, and Burn

7. Hellhole

8. My Blood

9. Endless

10. Live or Die

11. The Great Divine