Live Review: Horror My Friend, Deafcult, Sweater Curse

12 October 2017 | 10:07 am | Taylor Marshall

"Fans in the Crowbar instantly froth."

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Clashes, clashes and clashes - with so many amazing bands playing Fortitude Valley in one night, making the right choice is a conflicting dilemma. Thankfully, Brisbane's Crowbar hosts Adelaide's finest rockers Horror My Friend on their Admit None tour, which simplifies things.

This year we've seen local favourites Sweater Curse pack in crowds at festivals Blurst Of Times and Against The Grain and there's countless reasons why they're so overbearingly impressive. Crowbar is quite empty around this time, but there's still plenty of friendly, familiar faces as the local trio delve right into an emotionally breathtaking set. Alternating between the vocalists Chris Langenberg and Monica Sottile, the set is innocently sweet yet wonderful.

Taking the stage next are more locals, Deafcult. This six-piece outfit manage to fit around the entire small space of the Crowbar stage and still utilise it as their own. Delivering both a gruff yet ambiently wild set, emotions fly all throughout the venue. It's a complete symphony of multiple guitars, vocals and a drum kit — every ounce of beauty drawn from each aspect of tone.

Hitting Brisbane's favourite punk and hardcore stage now are the City of Churches' finest, Horror My Friend, and the three boys shred straight into the holiest of indie rock sets. Playing new material, the band delve right into wonderous drum fill-ins, fuzzy guitar overtones and tempered bass. Fans in the Crowbar instantly froth as the boys start Stay In, and there's messes of long hair flying everywhere. As soon as the opening guitar kicks in for Mazes, there's singing fans and friends all throughout the venue. It's pleasingly deafening.

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As the solo for Admit None hits the ears of their small crowd, the band show off their unfathomable stage presence — for which they're so heavily renowned — once again. Airing new material and launching into fave track DIYS, there isn't a single person in the venue not dancing around and headbanging. The set ends profoundly, giving more than anyone could ask for. Horror My Friend have once again displayed why they fit into the Brisbane music scene so well.

Get them on a plane and move them into our city already!