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Album Review: Hollywood Vampires - Hollywood Vampires

15 September 2015 | 3:59 pm | Mark Beresford

"It's Cooper at his death-cabaret best."

Looking at the contributors to Alice Cooper's Hollywood Vampires, it's a line-up so strong it could only fail in a cheesy Do They Know It's Christmas? sort of way, reeling in as it does Paul McCartney, Dave Grohl, Brian Johnson, Perry Farrell and Zak Starkey, with narration by the late Christopher Lee, just to name a few.

Surprisingly, Cooper leads the record with his trademark shock-rock, raising the album from being another patched-together stack of covers and creating something that slots perfectly into his discography. Sure there are only a few original tracks and for some reason Johnny Depp is plastered all over it like his contribution mattered, but it's Cooper at his death-cabaret best.