Live Review: Hermitude, Kilter, The Meeting Tree

28 November 2015 | 2:17 pm | Mick Radojkovic

"Hermitude’s wave is reaching tsunami status. It surrounded us."

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The cavernous Hordern Pavilion is an imposing venue, but when it’s full, there are few better places to witness music.

The Meeting Tree consists of two friends/housemates that presumably wanted something to do on a lazy Saturday afternoon. Joyride (One Day) and Raph (Jackie Onassis) combine the delicious with the ridiculous and it works. Raph’s beats are smooth, unique and en pointe, whilst Joyride’s signature vocals make our loins quiver.

There’s a lot to like about Kilter: bangers, drums, off-beat drops and guest vocals. The crowd were appreciative of the upbeat vibes, but Kilter has all avenues covered with some smooth as hell tunes as well. He is a skilful remixer and a great selection creates the mad vibes for the main act.

All waves start as a ripple, but sometimes those waves become a tsunami. Hermitude are on a wave that started 12 years ago and is building exponentially with each show and tour. A sold out Hordern swells with expectation as El Gusto and Dubs take their positions at a full desk of ‘toys’.

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Then we dance. It’s a sweaty, tangled mess of limbs, hair and girls on shoulders. Searchlight, Ukiyo and Hijinx from Dark Night Sweet Light energise the crowd where positivity and good times were overflowing. No one would mind if you bumped them, got in their way, or spilt your drink on them; we were all just a part of the sea of writhing bodies.

We were treated to more guests than we’ve seen at a Hermitude show before. Young Tapz, Chaos Emerald, Mataya and various dancers all graced the stage throughout the show — the duo were also getting close and personal with the crowd on their portable devices during All Of You.

While it’s the hits that make us froth, it’s the all-round amazing vibe of the show that prove that Hermitude’s wave is reaching tsunami status. It surrounded us. It carried us through the Hordern and beyond. There is no resistance and why would we want it?