Album Review: Harbours - 'Nothing Stays The Same'

1 February 2016 | 10:51 am | Alex Sievers
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So good, you'll listen to it twice!

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Harbours are a pretty new band, and a young one at that. Yet in the music world, age really is relative in terms of what you can achieve (just look at Bad Religion for Christ’s sake, those dudes are OLD). Thus, being in your early twenties also really means jack shit, and these guys show some serious skill way beyond their current years.

Featuring singer Tory Robertson, ex-Sierra drummer Kristian Evagelistis, bassist Kyle O'Shea, guitarist Thomas Elliott and Ocean Grove’s Sam Bassal also on ze guitar, the Melbourne upstarts newest release, ‘Nothing Stays The Same’, is a mixture of alternative rock and pop-punk elements, with a teeny tiny bit of post-rock and shoegaze influences thrown in because why the fuck not? Overall, it all makes for a pretty interesting release, and music is at its best when it’s interesting and engaging...Which this EP is in droves.

The band has come far since their so-so 2014 demo, and they are now more aggressive than once initially thought (for once a band bio is pretty on-point), yet still just as powerful and as emotional as ever. While the whole EP is a great example of these assertions, if we had to pick one song to illustrate the point, it would be the title track (the opening song, ‘Is This What You Wanted', came in at a close second). Arguably, it's the best song Harbours have under their belts at the moment.

One essential strength that any band has to carry is good songs and good ideas, and Harbours have both with ‘Nothing Stays The Same’ as it's not only the songs in isolation (there are seven to be exact, with no filler in sight) but also the damn good production and mix, which back it up too. Take notes, fellow locals. Another achievement the band displays is making memorable songs, with good song-writing in general, but without having to venture too far it into the pop realm with high, clean vocals and cheesy synth or melodies. There's nothing wrong with being poppy (well, actually there is, just look at the new Tonight Alive stuff), but these guys use their melodies and hooks very tastefully. It's releases like this that will take these guys to the top.

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After playing at Unify and getting the main tour support for Funeral For A Friend’s upcoming farewell shows, Harbours are really doing the rounds. With their new EP, ‘Nothing Stays The Same’, Harbours should hopefully start to become a household name, the kind that breaks in and never leaves. Sure, this release may not set the whole world on fire, but the local scene will be up in smoke once this drops later in the week.

1. Is This What You Wanted?

2. Pulling Teeth

3. Take Me under

4. Codeine Dream

5. Your Eyes

6. Nothing Stays The Same

7. Room Without A View