Live Review: Halestorm, Bellusira

14 December 2015 | 2:14 pm | Brendan Crabb

"Frontwoman Lzzy Hale's charisma and presence was something to behold."

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The amount of punters who promptly head for the merch table once a support act concludes typically speaks volumes, and in that regard Bellusira's set proved a success. Perhaps said attendees identified with their enthusiasm as much as the songs themselves, as the guitar and bass often being indistinguishable from one another meant they felt somewhat flat sonically. The female-fronted rockers, originally hailing from Melbourne but now Los Angeles-based, laid the impassioned banter on a tad thick, but recent high profile support slots were evidently beneficial when endearing themselves to a new audience. 

Perhaps it was attributable to the Sunday evening, and Halestorm opening their inaugural Sydney show with a volley from latest album Into The Wild Life, but the packed crowd took a modicum of time to truly warm to the task. Clearly it was the US act's first two records that were favoured. Selected new songs resonated, but the response to prior tracks like Love Bites (So Do I), I Get Off or anthemic Freak Like Me was decidedly more feverish. 

That's not to imply the honed, confident outfit's performance quality dipped throughout. Frontwoman Lzzy Hale's charisma and presence was something to behold. Able to command the gathering to do her bidding at will, her formidable voice was impenetrable, clearly exhibited via balladry one-two Beautiful With You and Dear Daughter. Brother Arejay was also a bona fide showman behind the kit. 

The band's following presented a unique dichotomy; screaming young female fans and grizzled male rockers co-existed amid a common penchant for potent pop hooks and crunchy hard-rock riffage. Many pundits have pondered who will assume their mantle and be capable of topping major festival bills when the current crop of veteran heavyweight headliners eventually retire. They may not be part of that conversation yet, but performances of this ilk loudly indicate that Halestorm should be soon enough. 

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