Live Review: Gignition - Swan Basement

29 May 2012 | 6:38 pm | Scott Aitken

Punters of all ages pack out the Basement to see what turned out to be an eclectic musical showcase.

Last Sunday's Gignition saw punters of all ages pack out the Basement to see what turned out to be an eclectic musical showcase. The Freakz Of Nature kicked things off with an impressive blend of hip hop and rapid-fire lyrical prowess. The trio (two guys, one girl) had a tight vocal sound and some interesting ideas, performing with a swagger and style that more than compensated for the lack of a live band.

Up next was The Southwicks, arguably the highlight of the night, a young six-piece indie-rock band with hints of Arcade Fire and Boy & Bear. Although at times their rhythm and harmonies faltered, they compensated for this with a raw energy and power that encouraged a huge response from the crowd.

The next band was Easily Distracted (get it?), a group of fifty-something musicians playing classic Australian pub rock influenced by the likes of Dylan and the Stones. They got the now slightly older crowd to their feet with songs that name-checked The Sex Pistols, Led Zep t-shirts, Levis 501 jeans and other seventies hallmarks. While well-rehearsed and more professional than the earlier groups, they lacked their enthusiasm. That being said, the band still delivered a great set of catchy, well-written songs.

As the numbers in the audience dwindled, power trio Southern Cross Band took to the stage with some high-energy rock'n'roll, complete with an endless supply of face-melting guitar solos. The vocals were a bit indistinguishable at times, suffering from a less-than-adequate mix. It was good to see the band finish their set with all members singing backup on Crumbling Down, reinforcing their great rock'n'roll dynamics.

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