Live Review: G Flip, Bloods, Erthlings

15 September 2018 | 2:26 pm | Melissa Borg

"A name we’ll keep hearing for a while."

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The sweet sounds of Erthlings drew people out of hiding and onto the dance floor to see what all the fuss was about. Those who emerged were rewarded with a solid set of indie pop tunes, with juicy hooks and sweet vocals provided by Issy Taylor. The four-piece were surprisingly accomplished for their young age and the crowd seemed to enjoy what they were serving up. They let their excellent single Bridges take out the set. This reviewer has a feeling this won’t be the last time we’re seeing Erthlings.

Bloods transported us back to the '90s with their delightful garage and shoegaze pop rock. Hot off the back of their second album, the quartet were keen to showcase some new tracks and wasted no time getting into their set. Their fast-paced tracks exude youthfulness and conjure up images of dancing around your bedroom as a teenager. Churning through songs Feelings and Talk, there’s a noticeable rawness and honesty to Bloods’ music that makes you want to dip in for more.

G Flip was in fine form this evening. Performing her third sold-out show at the Landsdowne this week, and her first national tour, you can start to see G Flip really tightening her live show – with this being the third time this reviewer has had the pleasure of seeing her.

Choosing to remain front and centre for the majority of tonight’s show and leaving the drums up to Ferntree; G Flip took control of the stage. Her animated “talking drum kit” Je Ro Mo also appeared to be missing this evening, which meant the focus was solely on her. Bounding around with endless and infectious energy, she kept the crowd’s enthusiasm high, but there was an air of increased professionalism in her performance this evening, and tighter production, which was great to see.

While G Flip doesn’t yet have many released songs under her belt, her setlist was familiar to anyone who’s seen her before – and there appear to be quite a few of us singing along. She premiered new track Real Life, which went down a treat, while hashing out Be Right Back and her ‘party’ song Killing My Time – encouraging us all to have a boogie.

To close, G Flip served up another fun track Drink Too Much, before harping back to the track that started it all, About You. G Flip is likely to be a name we’ll keep hearing for a while if she keeps following this upward trajectory.

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