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Live Review: Escape The Fate, Dream On Dreamer, Emberville

11 October 2016 | 11:55 am | Aneta Grulichova

'The Flood' saw the crowd become a crazy, hungry moving body of people.

Locals Emberville kicked off the night with Deepest, Darkest Fantasies and Circus to warm the eager crowd up before they paid tribute to Escape The Fate with a cover of The Flood. Vocalist Daniel Raschilla gave all his energy into the last song, Scare City, as he moved around the room, climbing beams and the bar.

When Melbourne's Dream On Dreamer fired into The World In Front Of Me and Darkness Brought Me Here, the crowd became a tangled mess of moving bodies that were one with the music. The guys slowed it down with Don't Lose Your Heart as Zachary Britt's clean vocals shined throughout before Marcel Gadacz's killer screams took over. The boys didn't disappoint.

Perth was the last leg of the Australian tour for Escape The Fate, with Amplifier Bar buzzing as time ticked on. Sadly, the turnout wasn't amazing. The floor did fill up, but it wasn't packed which gave us plenty of room to move and get wild. The Las Vegas four-piece launched straight into Just A Memory and Remember Every Scar, which got the crowd jumping and moving. The Flood saw the crowd become a crazy, hungry moving body of people.

The crowd erupted into a mosh as the guys launched into Ashley, a crowd favourite that got everyone singing along. Throughout the set, it was difficult to hear vocalist Craig Mabbitt at times as the microphone would drop out or the music was louder than the microphone. This made the show a little disappointing, especially during songs such as Something, Breaking Me Down and Fire It Up.

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From the cover of My Chemical Romance's Dead! to Kevin Gruft's Van Halen guitar riff of Eruption before a quick intro of Guns N' Roses Paradise City. The best was saved for last; Situations was what the crowd had been waiting for all night. The 2006 hit song from their Dying Is Your Latest Fashion album sent the crowd into a frenzy of smashing bodies as they sung their lungs out to every word. Mabbitt's vocals lacked the spark that former vocalist Ronnie Radke gave the song, however the crowd didn't seem to care, as they were lost in the moment. Escape The Fate smashed out a killer set with enough songs to keep any scene kid happy.