DW 500AD4 Pedal

9 July 2012 | 12:12 pm | Staff Writer

DW has long been a front runner in the double bass pedal area, with a history going back to the 1980s

DW has long been a front runner in the double bass pedal area, with a history going back to the 1980s. With their dual-post, chain drive, twin-spring design, precision universal joint connecting rod, together with the use of good strong materials, the 5000 series bass drum pedals have become something of an industry standard. The latest version of the DW line is the AD4 5002 double pedal, and I was able to test drive this pedal over a two week period. Straight out of the box, the look of the AD4 is excellent – red base, black posts and chrome moving parts. The feel is solid, but not too heavy, with much of the pedals made from lightweight materials, combined with top quality bearings and other moving parts. The AD4 is set up for situations where more speed and more overall dynamic control is required. The 5002 boasts an 'Accelerator 'dual chain drive system, which uses an eccentric motion that creates an indirect relationship between the sprocket and the foot-board, thereby increasing the speed of the pedal by shortening the stroke. To me, the feel of the pedals was quite light, with a lot of bounce that could be controlled through minimal foot motion – I didn't need to be heavy footed at all, and could easily access a range of walking/running/skipping movements on the pedals. The spring tension adjustments allowed for a very light feel through to something requiring a bit of muscle power, and I found it pretty easy to find a happy medium between speed and power (for more direct power, the 5000 Turbo TD4 concentric drive system is more suited to power drumming). DW has redesigned some of the 5002 series features, with the Tri-Pivot Toe Clamp being one good improvement. Three rotating rubber pads make contact with the bass drum hoop, giving a stronger, more stable grip, and the feel is rock solid with no slippage or unwanted motion. The tension wing nut that controls the pedal attachment is also located within easy reach on the right side of the pedal base and behind it is a locking space for a drum key, both contributing to an overall efficiency when setting up. The Left foot pedal comes with a single post, making it easier to configure bass drum and hi hat pedals to facilitate movement between them. The AD4 comes with dual headed 101 Beaters, featuring hard plastic and felt beater configurations, and the whole package comes in a lightweight carry case.

My impression of this pedal is all positive: it is a well designed and manufactured instrument that plays with ease, and has an all round efficiency to it that keeps it in the industry standard bracket.