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Album Review: Dream On Dreamer - It Comes And Goes

23 May 2018 | 10:35 am | Keira Leonard

"Sure to resonate with the broken-hearted and the broken at heart."

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The cleaner vocal approach started by Marcel Gadacz in 2015 ignites again with It Comes And Goes. The softer side of Dream On Dreamer really does work, provoking even more vulnerable emotional resonation than ever before.

Let It In opens the album, teasing the first of many heavy guitar riffs and uber-emotional tales. Drag Me Down mixes hardcore with a slight techno element, its story telling of the end of a toxic relationship. Released as a standalone single in 2015, Don't Lose Your Heart comes in at track seven and we finally get some more screamo backing - an element we haven't heard since track four in Stay and won't hear again in this album. Paper Thin is a gentle song, with fewer hardcore elements than ever before while also showcasing Gadacz's versatile vocal range. Tell Me Why is the closer and will probably make you check your device to confirm that you're still listening to the same album. It's a wild transformation from previous tracks and one you're more likely to hear in the club rather than a moshpit.

All in all, It Comes And Goes is an emotionally charged, gripping album that's sure to resonate with the broken-hearted and the broken at heart.