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Live Review: Dear Seattle, PLTS, TOWNS

27 May 2019 | 10:56 am | Emily Blackburn

"The beers are already sloshing as fans smash into each other for 'Daytime TV'."

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Safe inside from the Melbourne cold, Corner Hotel is buzzing as Adelaide duo TOWNS’ noise fills the room with dirty grunge track Hush. “Adelaide’s actually the size of this room,” vocalist Aston Valladares jokes as they kick into the greatest cover collection ever. Starting with the Malcolm In The Middle theme we hear Friends, The OC, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and more and they just keep going, each new theme bringing an excited roar from fans in the crowd. Their down to earth nature and playful energy, mixed with thrashing rock, makes them the kind of band you just want to be best mates with.

Having just dropped their new EP hours earlier, Byron Bay’s PLTS are high on life as they celebrate the release of Lonely Leaves. Vocalist Kit Bray’s soulful yet aggressive delivery is outstanding. Grittily harmonised in Call Me Out, it’s a cathartic release of energy. The Darkside sparks a lively mosh as fans jump, thrash, push and scream along with all the power they can muster before PLTS finish with an oldie but a goodie in 2015’s On & On, sending fans into a frenzy.

As the infamous red curtains are pulled back to reveal a smoky stage, the crowd erupts into a deafening yell for Sydney’s thrashing alt-rock outfit Dear Seattle. The beers are already sloshing as fans smash into each other for Daytime TV, getting up on friends shoulders and belting out the 'da da da's of the opening riff at an ear-splitting volume. People are going wild as the rough punk aggression is released through relatable and emotive lyrics: “I need chemicals to wake me up/Cause in my head I’m not good enough.” A fan climbs the side of the bandroom pillar as onlookers applaud their effort, and what looks to be a carrot is thrown on stage during Afterthought.

Fuck being sad, I’m so over it” - the crowd erupts for fan favourite The Meadows and the drunken mess of bodies dancing and crashing around is testament to the community Dear Seattle have created for their fans. As the final notes of Maybe ring out an encore is demanded and met. They opt for a slower track to round the night out in I Keep Dreaming. Its cinematic composition, full of passion and warm vocals, is a wholesome ending to an angst-filled night.