Audiofly AF45 In-Ear Headphones

15 October 2015 | 3:02 pm | Daniel Cribb

"The AF45s are good value for money."

“Feels like I’m wearing nothing at all,” Ned Flanders once said, and he could very well have been referring to these in-ear headphones.

Audiofly’s AF series is a pretty solid range and doesn't tend to focus on one element at the expense of others, but the 45s seem to break that trend. Don’t get us wrong, the sound does the trick as far as in-ears in this price range is concerned, they’re just not up to the standard Audiofly usually deliver, and it’s really only noticeable if your ears have grown accustom to a different model from the range. There’s plenty of low-end in their output, it’s just the higher frequencies tend to wash into the mid-range a little too much, reducing the overall clarity.

With that said, the comfort level the noise isolating ear tips deliver may be a fair trade-off, especially if you're mainly intending to use them for videos or their one-button Clear-Talk control system, which is great for activating various apps on your phone.

Aesthetically, they look great, which is largely to do with the design of the earpieces and the slick nylon cable, which is durable and reduces tangling.

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If you’re main use for in-ears is music-based and you’re on a budget, perhaps check out the AF33s. If it’s videos and non-music-related phone activities you seek, the AF45s are good value for money.