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Album Review: Angelas Dish - 'War on Time'

25 April 2008 | 3:02 pm | Staff Writer
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The debut album from these four Gosford lads is indeed a toe-tapper and a must for any young Indie/Rock fan

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There is something

about these four lads from Gosford, New South Wales that I just adore.

Maybe it’s my secret fetish for poppy hooks and charming looking front

men but amidst all the harsh reviews this album is getting I actually

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quite enjoyed it. 

It is an album

you really have to spin a few times to learn the dips, riffs and lyrics

to really enjoy and pick up on all the little things that you may not

have in the beginning. In terms of technicality there is nothing strictly

bad about this album although I can see where others have developed

the notion that it is rather bland and heavy on the pop and commercial


The first single

off the album Soft November that opens with this addictive driving groove

that directs you to this memorable chorus that sees me singing into

a hair brush as I imagine myself up on stage, rocking out the microphone

stand to a screaming audience. This melody is certain to stick in your

head for days but not in a Kylie Minogue ‘Can’t get you out of my

head kill me now’ way but a sickly sweet pop track that is guaranteed

to annoy those around you but leaves you feeling humble and tapping

along. (Also the film clip is a must see; cite underwater gigging) 

One of my favourites

is track 10, Hollow. Some serious passion and thought has been put into

this track and it is the most personal of all the 12.  Everything

from the melody to the vocals tips this song as the best produced and

it almost seems as though it belongs on a different album, a more mature,

older type of record that deals with a different deeper subject matter.   

It’s clear the

band are in it for the long haul, creating a strong debut album that

developed from a much sharper, rockier edge in their past EP releases

to this more mature sound. The subject matter may be light and airy

and the lyrics can often seem pointless and throw away with central

themes of girls and the baggage they bring of heart break and desperation,

the way the songwriters connect with personal relationships, and other

content often explored by young artists. However, there are some rare

moments of genius that leave the listener in a comfortable and inviting

atmosphere, almost waiting to explore the motive behind the songs. 

The songwriting

team of brothers Michael and Joshua Harris may only be in its formative

stages, but the young duo have already made it clear that they have

the ear and heart for melodies and song structures far beyond their

years of experience.


The one thing

that does worry me is because of the good looks, soft sounds and soulful

licks it will come with a frighteningly large hoard of dedicated under

age fans. In doing so the band will have trouble breaking into a new

click when they release their next album which I believe will be more

developed in a harder rock sound and the prominent direction the band

is heading into if their live act has anything to do with it.

War on Time isn’t

about singles or short lived fandom; it quite simply is an introduction

for the young band. It’s the type of CD that gets better each listen

and every song stands alone. This punchy pop record is only the beginning

and a warm up for their amazing live shows.

1. Soft November

2. Seven Years

3. When The End Comes

4. Piano Song

5. Yeah…But Not Tonight

6. Memory

7. It’s All In The Stars

8. Lucky One

9. Hollow