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Album Review: American Me - 'Siberian Death Machine'

11 March 2010 | 10:34 am | Staff Writer
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Who Will You Call When There's Nonone Left?

Since Bury Your Dead have gone on their clean singing splurge there has been a distinct lack of super heavy mosh bands that aren’t dabbling in Misery Signals fiddly bits or death core shitty screeches. American Me are here to fill the void and will captivate those with even a minimalistic attention span while battering in your ear holes with open ended beat downs.

There’s nothing technical going on here, just a barrage of tremendously heavy breakdowns with the some nu metal syncopations draped over the top that will appeal to the inner bogan in each listener. Normally I would go on a massive speal about how it needs to be teched up to improve the music quality, but American Me is about making excessively heavy music and often the simplest way is the most effective.

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Sounding vaguely similar too Queensland’s hardcore veterans Wish For Wings, but infinitely heavier the songs are fairly consistent across the board pulling minimum punches in the short half an hour runtime. All the tracks bar the final song are under the three minute mark showing American Me are not here to fuck spiders.

Several sections could have been bolstered with some deeper screaming over the top but it undeniably marks an improvement on the bellowing present on the Heat album (which is also a little pearler if you haven’t heard it). While the no muck around approach to writing tracks is an admirable feature of Siberian Death Machine, it’s hard to get excited about high points within each track when the buildup is completely nonexistent.

The drops and bass bombs are legitimately devastating and it has me wet with anticipation imagining the pit these songs could generate. Minimum points deducted for a repetitive song nature, Siberian Death Machine was easily one of the more impressive releases I heard last year!

Blisteringly heavy while maintaining an easy listening approach, raise the volume to this and try not to punch the elderly.

1. Human Traffiker

2. Death Squads

3. Infected

4. Die Faster

5. The Fire

6. Bastardmaker

7. Son Of A Machinegun Pt. 2

8. Whiteout

9. Demoralizer

10. Blot Out The Sun