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Exclusive: Pennywise Frontman Admitted He Was Worried About The Shows

21 August 2012 | 3:11 pm | Dan Condon

Zoli Teglas was far from confident about his performing ability when speaking with this month.

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Following yesterday's announcement that Pennywise will no longer be in Australia this week for their scheduled tour,'s Daniel Cribb has unearthed concerns the injured Zoli Teglas had about the tour when speaking with him at the beginning of this month.

“I'm worried about the shows,” Teglas told Cribb in an interview on August 1. “I can't really jump around or stage dive or nothing because I got back surgery three weeks ago and so I'm a little worried about this tour coming up. I think I'll be all right - I've started to work out and stuff. I'm gonna do the best I can.”

Teglas collapsed on stage at Germany's With Full Force festival last month and was required to have immediate surgery. Due to this the band were forced to cancel a number of European shows, though were hopeful they would be able to fulfill their Australian commitments.

“I just got started walking about a week ago, so it'll be interesting,” Teglas said in the same interview. “I don't want to be boring on stage, but I'm gonna just have to stand there and sing”

The band have promised they will return when Teglas is in better shape, an official statement from guitarist Fletcher Dragge was issued on the band's website overnight.

“We love playing in front of our fans all over the world,” Dragge said. “The doctor's news was a hard blow for everyone but Zoli's health is our number one priority.
“We are working with the best doctors around to make sure Zoli gets back on his feet as soon as possible…our apologies go out to all our dedicated fans…we will be making up these shows as soon as possible…keep the beers cold!”

The band were set to kick off their tour on the Gold Coast on Thursday night.