Ziggy Ramo Calls Out ABC On 'Q&A': 'I Was Basically Censored'

18 August 2020 | 10:07 am | Staff Writer

"This is a song that I was not allowed to perform."

Aussie songwriter Ziggy Ramo called out ABC while appearing on the Q&A panel last night, saying he was "basically censored" by the choice of song he would perform at the conclusion of the show. 

The Sydney artist brought up the conversation of performative diversity or "actual cultural diversity" while the panel were discussing cultural diversity on Australian TV.

"On this show today, the song that I'm gonna perform is called Stand For Something. The song that I initially was gonna perform was called April 25th. This is a song that I was not allowed to perform," Ramo said.

"I was basically censored in the fact that the ABC said that it was not appropriate.

"So, is it performative? Because me sitting on this panel ticks off a box for the ABC that is cultural diversity but if I'm not able to express my perspective, is it performative or is it actual cultural diversity?"

Q&A host Hamish Macdonald responded by saying the decision to not allow Ramo to perform April 25th, revolved around the lyric "I hate the Anzacs".

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"There's a lot of context which we did want to talk to you about tonight to understand where that comes from," Macdonald said. 

"Without context, there may be issues."

ABC told The Music today that they invited Ramo on Q&A to discuss the "sentiment and lyrics" of April 25th.

"The ABC asked Ziggy Ramo to perform an alternative song to close Q&A on Monday night and instead invited him to present his point of view on all topics, including the sentiment and lyrics of the song April 25th and the reasons he wrote it, during the discussion," ABC said in a statement.

"He took up the opportunity to explain those sentiments in detail."

Watch the full exchange (around the nine minute mark) below.