Year Of The Knife's Madi Watkins In Stable Condition Following Van Accident

3 July 2023 | 9:17 am | Mary Varvaris
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At the time of writing, the GoFundMe fundraiser has exceeded its initial $100,000 goal, with the band now aiming to raise $200,000.

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Year Of The Knife have pulled through a terrifying ordeal that saw their van “totalled,” band members injured and vocalist Madi Watkins in critical condition.

After the accident last week, it looks like Watkins will be okay. Guitarist Brandon Watkins has issued a positive update on the band’s GoFundMe campaign to help fundraise for Year Of The Knife’s medical bills:

“I am so grateful; we are so grateful to have so many special people looking out for us. I have nothing but gratitude for everyone who has donated and shared. Currently, Madi is stable and we are waiting for the doctors to give us more information on what our next steps will be moving forward in the recovery process. Aaron, Andy and I are recovering and are trying to stay positive.

“Much love”.

At the time of writing, the GoFundMe fundraiser has exceeded its initial $100,000 goal, with the band now aiming to raise $200,000. They’ve raised $145,917 USD. Notably, UK metalcore legends Architects donated $5,000.

On 28 June, the band tweeted, “We got in a REALLY bad accident. Everyone’s alive. We’re stuck in SLC.” The accident led to Watkins being in critical condition, sustaining head and spinal injuries and broken bones.

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The GoFundMe fundraiser reads: “Hi, we are raising funds for our friends Madi, Brandon, Andy and Aaron, who are band members in Year of the Knife.

“Last night, the band was driving from SLC to Colorado Springs when they collided with an 18-wheeler. Andy & Aaron both sustained broken legs and other trauma. Brandon is concussed. Madi is in critical condition with head and spinal injuries and a few broken bones. As we wait for additional information on their conditions, we are doing the best we can to alleviate any stress possible. As you can assume, their touring van is totaled.

“The van also doubles as Madi and B's sole vehicle so this will impact them in more ways than just touring. Madi and B also run their brand, Candy Corpse, that will continue to fulfill orders but other aspects may be halted for the foreseeable future. Due to these awful circumstance, we unfortunately have to think of the financial burden this will place on our friends. If you are able to help in any way, we all greatly appreciate it.

“We ask that you please share with your family and friends, and please send the 4 of them all the positive thoughts, energy, prayers, anything. We are so thankful that everyone is alive, but there is a long road ahead of them for recovery. Please consider donating to help with their medical bills and to keep them afoot while they are stuck in SLC. Thank you in advance.”

You can contribute to the GoFundMe fundraising campaign here.

Earlier this year, Year Of The Knife surprise released their Dust To Dust EP. Clocking in at just seven minutes, the electrifying EP was produced and engineered by Taylor Young (Nails, God's Hate, Twitching Tongues).

Madi Watkins explained, “We used the unexpected downtime to focus all of our energy on writing and wanted to combine our existing sound with these new influences to push our boundaries and make our most pissed songs yet.” You can listen to the EP here.