Stonefield And Owl Eyes Jump Ship From Warner To Mushroom

8 May 2012 | 2:39 pm | Scott Fitzsimons

Record label Wunderkind's Michael Pariris explains to decision to become part of the Mushroom Group.

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The Michael Parisi-helmed Wunderkind Records, home to Owl Eyes and Stonefield - have signed on with the Mushroom Group of companies, leaving its current home at Warner.

The label, which presents itself as an 'artist-development' label and has focused on its two sole signings, announced the move today, almost exactly a year after announcing its launch. Announced exclusively through 16 May last year, Parisi revealed then that the label was the brainchild of himself and Warner's then-new Managing Director Tony Harlow, while being run by Parisi and Jacqui Wilson.

It will now become an imprint of Mushroom alongside local labels Liberation Music, Illusive Sounds, Ivy League, I Oh You and international arm Liberator Music.

Parisi told today that there is "nothing untoward" about his decision to leave Waner and was keen to stress that "Warner are a fantastic music company, both here and abroad." He said, "I just thought it was time for a change... I've been with Warner for 15 years or so.

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"It was important to us to find the right home for the two artists, someone who ticked all the right boxes... [Wunderkind's artists] are young and need proper care and development."

The transfer to Mushroom, who he describes as the "right people" has been "smooth, because we're all running in the same direction." He added, "At the end of the day it wasn't what was right for me, it was what was right for the artist... it doesn't matter what label your with, it boild down to how good your artist is and how good your music is."

Parisi is angling both acts, who both release EPs this month, for success both locally and abroad and believes them to have "the goods to go all the way, I wouldn't have signed them if I didn't think that."

"We've been sitting on the EPs for a number of months, but we waited for the deal with Liberation to go through."

He hopes they'll establish themselves locally this year and "Next year is going to be about finding them a home and new audience overseas."

Owl Eyes, real name Brooke Addamo, will released her EP Crystalisedthis Friday 11 May. Stonefield follow that next week, Friday 18 May, with their EP Bad Reality.