Welcome To theMusic.com.au's Festival Tab!

27 July 2012 | 3:00 pm | Scott Fitzsimons

And to start, here's Splendour In The Grass!

Today theMusic.com.au has launched its brand new Festivals tab, which will now house all of all festival coverage. Be that from news, interviews, gossip and rumours to live on-the-ground, at-the-newsdesk and hopefully one day in-the-fucking-air reports, it's all under "Festivals".

Needless to say, we've kicking off our LIVE festival coverage with the Splendour In The Grass festival that is happing RIGHT NOW. Head here to find out which bands are vibing, what the crowds doing and what's being talked about in the porta-loos.

Stay tuned to the page over the next three days as we take you around, under and straight through the middle of the festival, regardless of whether you're in Byron or sitting at home feeling sorry for yourself.