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The Getaway Plan & Dream On Dreamer Interview Each Other Ahead Of Aus Tour

25 January 2019 | 6:28 pm | Staff Writer

"The pessimist in me wants to say the golden age is over."

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The Getaway Plan and Dream On Dreamer’s huge co-headline tour kicks off in one week, and to celebrate, we had them interview each other. Here's what went down.

The Getaway Plan Interview Dream On Dreamer

Q: Most loved/hated things about being a musician?

A: Most loved, making music. I think we all love getting into the studio and bashing out some sad boy jams. Most hated, probably the waiting aspect, there’s a well-known saying in the industry ‘hurry up and wait,’ it’s very accurate. That and just being away from friends and family for a long period of time

Q: Favourite video game soundtrack?

A: Hyper Light Drifter - Sounds like a lo-fi anime soundtrack, so rad.

Q: A record you love that your fans wouldn’t expect?

AHmm.. Carly Rae Jepsen’s Call Me Maybe still gets a thorough rinsing, but surely that’s not surprising.

Q: How do you guys manage your mental health when you’re on the road?

A: Long. long. long naps. I think most of us dabble in meditation which is really surprising how much it can help deal with some of the things that being on the road brings and especially dealing with anxiety that can be involved in creating music.

Q: What is your most disliked TGP record, and why?

A: Hahaha, well that’s easy, I’ll just go on my iTunes and look at which one hasn’t been played at least 100 times… Oh wait.

Q: Can we borrow a pick?

A: If we can borrow your backline?

Dream On Dreamer Interview The Getaway Plan 

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Q: What tour has had the biggest influence on you over the years? 

A: I would say the most beneficial tour the band has ever done would be our run with My Chemical Romance/Circa Survive in 2008. We were doing fairly well before that tour, but things really skyrocketed for us after that. We’ve had a crazy amount of people tell us that was their first TGP experience and have been following us ever since. 

Q: Is there a destination you still dream of going to play as a band? 

A: We’re still yet to hit Japan. That would probably be at the top of the list. Either that or South America.

Q: Favourite recording studio?

A: Sing Sing in Melbourne have been exceptionally good to us over the years. We’ve always felt very much at home there. We’ve been in some pretty flashy studios around the world but the energy and love we feel at Sing Sing is unmatched. 

Q: Do you think Australian music is coming out of a depression right now or has the golden age come and gone?

A: The pessimist in me wants to say the golden age is over, but I cannot deny that there’s been some incredible music and new artists emerge in the last few years. I think we’re definitely in some sort of transitional phase. Hard to say where we’ll be if/when we come out the other end.

Q: Who’s been your favourite band to tour with?

A: Gatherer from NZ (RIP). Aside from being some of our oldest and dearest friends, these guys have always been a massive influence on us musically. By far one of the tightest, most epic live bands we’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing/sharing a stage with.

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