Watch 100 Drummers Perform 'My Hero' In Tribute To Taylor Hawkins

25 March 2023 | 11:01 am | Mary Varvaris

It’s hard not to feel a tear come to your eye watching drummers from three generations play My Hero.

(Source: YouTube)

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Taylor Hawkins’ influence on drummers and the rock world can’t be estimated - it’s insurmountable. 

With his hard-hitting, proficient, exciting style that always looked like he was having the time of his life, music fans latched on to the late Foo Fighters drummer, and to this day, the day that marks one year since his passing, we still miss him.

This is why watching 100 Drummers perform with Belgian rock band Black Box Revelation live at Sportpaleis Antwerp, the last venue in Belgium where Taylor Hawkins played with Foo Fighters before his passing, is both thrilling and impactful. 

It’s hard not to feel a tear come to your eye watching drummers from three generations play My Hero. Check out the video below.

If the idea of tonnes of drummers playing Foo Fighters’ songs sounds familiar, you’re onto something: last May, Rockin' 1000 made the news after their My Hero performance went viral. A tribute to Taylor Hawkins, that performance featured Fever 333 drummer Aric Improta, rocking out alongside 999 other musicians in an emotional moment.

One thousand musicians from across the globe paid tribute to undisputed rock'n'roll legend Taylor Hawkins, covering Foo Fighters' My Hero.

The musicians gathered at Stade de France in Paris for a staging of the Rockin'1000 concert, which is a live celebration of rock music and sees artists from around the world gather to rock out together. It included hundreds of live singers, guitarists, bassists and drummers. 

On New Year’s Eve, Foo Fighters reaffirmed their future and paid tribute to Hawkins, who tragically passed away last year. 

Just a week after a heralded performance in Australia, the rock legend's passing in Colombia prompted an outpouring of grief in the rock community and a number of amazing tribute shows, proving the esteem that the musician was held in around the world. 

Now, the group has announced their return with a series of festival appearances throughout the first half of 2023, leading to speculation about who will join the band behind the kit and how they will bounce back from such a tragedy.

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