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Wanna Drink Some Northlane-Branded Whiskey?

5 August 2023 | 11:34 am | Mary Varvaris
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This isn’t Northlane’s first venture into an alcohol collaboration...


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Just days after Groglords – the home of Metallica and Slipknot whiskey in Australia – launched Sumo gin, based on the Superjesus album of the same name, they’ve launched Northlane-branded Obsidian whiskey.

The limited edition 500-bottle release promises the smell of cedar, toffee, butterscotch and vanilla, with a rich flavour profile defined by “creamy texture with light butterscotch, caramel, nutmeg”.

The Obsidian bottles are well-balanced with “hints of maple, vanilla, dark toffee”. You can pre-order your bottles now via the Groglords website.

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This isn’t Northlane’s first venture into an alcohol collaboration. In May 2020, the band and Crowbar Sydney released the limited-edition Enemy Of The Night (a deluxe track on Alien) collection, which featured “a vibrant Shiraz and a balanced Pinot Grigio” and resulted from guitarist Josh Smith “being an incessant wine fanatic”.

“I’ve had a deep love affair with wines for as long as I can remember, and many guru friends have shown me the goods along the way,” Smith said in a statement.

“One of them approached me about doing a collaboration for something else fresh we’ve been cooking up in the Northlane camp, and it was an opportunity I couldn’t miss.”

Last month, Northlane teamed up with the coffee obsessives’ dream, Death Before Decaf, again due to Smith’s “insatiable” obsession with coffee. Selling two choices, Obsidian (espresso blend )and Carbonized (Single Origin Filter), the Australian metalcore group wrote on social media about the partnership:

“Death Before Decaf has been a staple in Brisbane’s coffee scene for as long as we can remember; open 24hrs with a metal-inspired attitude, brilliant brews, and phenomenal house-roasted beans.

“We were introduced at Knotfest Brisbane and hit it off. They were serving the bands backstage, and due to Josh’s insatiable obsession with coffee, a conversation led to collaboration.”

Last week, The Superjesus took to Instagram and asked, “You folks like gin?” Answering their own question, the band answered, “We do! So much so that we have partnered with Groglords to create our own limited-edition release to celebrate 25 years of Sumo… it’s our new favourite thing!!”

Describing its punchy, fruity flavours, the band continued, “Sumo Gin packs a subtle punch of green tea, cumquat, mandarin and lemon peel - alongside the traditional gin mouthfeel that is expected from a premium release.

“Wanna try it? It’s smooth n silky and makes you wanna mosh to 90’s grunge”.