Voyager's Simone Dow Discusses Living With Chronic Migraine

8 May 2023 | 11:35 am | Mary Varvaris
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Voyager guitarist Simone Dow has been proving what she’s capable of for many years.

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Perth synth-metallers Voyager are ready to represent Australia at Eurovision 2023. They’re in Liverpool, primed to show the world what they’re capable of. Guitarist Simone Dow has been proving what she’s capable of for many years, not letting chronic migraines stop her from stepping on stages and shredding like her life depends on it.

In a new video posted to social media, Dow shared a snippet of an upcoming Q&A the band has put together that details her journey with chronic migraines.

“For those who have been following my health journey over the years, I’ve prepared a little chat discussing it all and in particular how photophobia has effected me and the tools I’ve been using to help me ride this incredible Eurovision Song Contest wave,” Dow wrote on Facebook.

“If anyone has any questions around the chat, I’ll get a cheeky little Q&A going around the release in the hope that my continuous journey through managing this complex and debilitating condition can help more people and provide some hope for y’all.”

She added, “A big thank you to everyone who has sent me private messages already about their own health journeys, you have no idea how much it drives me to keep pushing myself and more awareness around not only migraine disease, but any complex neurological and chronic pain disabilities”. Stay tuned for the full video.

Voyager will represent Australia at this year’s Eurovision Song Contest. For the first time in Australia's history with Eurovision, a band will represent the country. And this one utilises soaring melodies, masterful riffs, keytar solos, powerhouse rhythms, and enough charisma to win the 67th Song Contest.

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"As a long-time Eurovision fan, this is the pinnacle - Voyager gets to play the greatest show on earth," vocalist Danny Estrin commented in a statement.

"Our song Promise is made for the Eurovision stage, and collectively we feel it's one of our best yet. We filmed the music video in both the city of Perth and beautiful parts of Western Australia to showcase the majestic beauty of our home state. Eurovisionation, we are coming!"

And once Eurovision is over, Voyager will return to Australia for a triumphant homecoming tour this June.