Violent Soho Are Gonna Blast Their Album In An Empty Stadium Because Why Not?

7 May 2020 | 12:10 pm | Staff Writer

Happening tomorrow!

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The inability to perform live during a global pandemic has inspired some fun ideas and Violent Soho have come up with a pretty unique one of their in support of their #1 record, Everything Is A-OK.

The band have confirmed that they will blast the record (which was our pick for Album Of The Week following its release last month) through a boombox in the middle of Suncorp Stadium tomorrow. 

From 11am, the album will be given a full run through in the empty 50,000-plus venue, while the four-piece will also tune in on a live feed for a chat with fans. 

Keep an eye on the video below tomorrow morning.

Violent Soho guitarist James Tidswell recently joined The Green Room with Neil Griffiths podcast to talk about Everything Is A-OK.

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