Universal Music Australia Launches New Creative Agency

10 February 2016 | 12:06 pm | Staff Writer

Introducing 'Bring'.

In partnership with creative agencies One Green Bean and Host, Universal Music Australia have launched a brand new entertainment marketing agency, Bring, aimed at bringing bands together with artists. 

As Mumbrella reports, the new Sydney-based agency will consist of a team of eight sourced from UMA, while Roddy Campbell will act as Managing Director after stepping back from his role as Head of Business Development at UMA.

"We had staffed up our own resources over the years but to become a full-service agency and become a credible resource for brands you go and buy your own agency or develop what we think is a smart structure with these agencies," Campbell said.

"It’s a very scalable operation and we wanted to have something that was capable of activating a huge brief from day one, but we didn't want to spend millions of dollars to get to that point."

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UMA's Executive Creative Director, Cameron Farrelly, will take on the same position at Bring, while One Green Bean and Host founder, Anthony Freedman, will also head up the new agency.

Through a 'Creative In Residence' program, Bring will offer "privileged access" to brands with their artists and talent, including Lady Gaga, Troye Sivan and Ellie Goulding. 

"It’s a versatile operation and we work with agencies at the moment and we don’t really want that to end, so although we have the ability to do all these other things ourselves there’s important relationships there for us, especially with media agencies," Campbell said.

Head to the Bring website for more details.