Underground Playlists: New Music From Emerging Talent Lennon Wells, Angela Rose & More

14 June 2023 | 2:41 pm | Emma Whines

Underground Playlists are back and better than ever, thanks to the legends at Mountain Goat Beer. In fact, we’ve decided to pick out our favourite tracks each week and share them with you, so you can get to know the best of the bunch and keep your finger on the pulse. Here are this week's top picks for our Underground Playlists...

Underground Artists

Underground Artists (Supplied)

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High Again

KICKED-IN BICKIE TIN are back with their second single ever, High Again, which keeps them on the path of the classic Aussie pub rock style. Written from the perspective of someone who has gotten on the straight and narrow but is concerned about a mate still in the loop of repeating bad lifestyle choices, High Again tackles important themes while keeping an upbeat, positive melody. A highlight of KICKED-IN BICKIE TIN’s previous single, Floor, was the vocals, and that sentiment carries through to their new single, with Shaun Mills acting as the driving force of the song from start to finish. 

Angela Rose (NSW)


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Angela Rose has quickly become one to watch, with her previous single, 24, dominating the airwaves. Her new offering Heartless follows through and delivers a heart-wrenching insight into the real & raw experience of grief through compelling lyricism. Sonically, Heartless ebbs and flows between big choruses and soft verses that cherish slow strummed electric guitar and Rose’s rich vocals. Blending pop, alt-country and indie rock, the new track provides listeners with a preview of what is to come for this rising young artist and makes up the second single from Angela Rose's debut EP which is on track to be released towards the end of the year.



Proudly representing his Queer Pasifika identity, JULAI is the cutting edge of Australia's contemporary club rap scene. Comfortably sitting in the intersection between hip-hop, ballroom and club culture in Australia’s underground, JULAI brings a contemporary twist to Australian hip-hop from his years as a celebrated ballroom icon. His newest track, SUGAR AND SPICE, embodies this wholeheartedly, with JULAI’s fresh and fun lyricism weaving around the melody seamlessly, never missing a beat and offering a true party anthem. 

Lennon Wells (TAS)

Coming Home

Lennon Wells has delivered another perfect slice of indie rock in the form of his new single, Coming Home, which discusses the thoughts & emotions mulling through his head on return from an interstate trip, the first bit of extended time away from his daughter. Kicking off with Wells’ adorable daughter introducing the track in her own words, Coming Home then delves into all the best bits of indie rock, with storytelling and introspective lyrics and melodic guitar riffs. On the new track, Wells said, “I rewrote coming home recently after returning from a short trip interstate – the first time I’d spent an extended time away from my daughter. It made me emotional to think there might be a time when I won’t see my daughter for months on end. I guess this song is for anyone that is missing the people back home or missing the kid or friend or brother or sister that’s away overseas.”

Erin Foster (QLD)

I Got You

Erin Foster is bringing out the big guns with new single I Got You which will fulfil every one of your soft electronica fantasies. Embodying the new hyper-pop era that was popularised by artists like PinkPantheress and Mallrat, I Got You is the perfect balance between a club banger and a contemporary ballad that hits you right in the feels. the new track also really highlights the lush tones in Foster's vocals as she guides you through the song and hits on the importance of having that one person you can trust through thick and thin. 

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