Tim Minchin Trying To Launch 'Serious' Music Career In UK?

1 May 2012 | 4:07 pm | Scott Fitzsimons

Comedian Tim Minchin is playing a "humourless" show in the UK, which look suspiciously like an attempt at a serious music career.

Renowned Australian comedian Tim Minchin is looking to start a serious music career in the UK, starting with his first ever "humourless" gig, which will take place in London.

Members of the London's The 100 Club were sent an email this week alerting them to Minchin's show. In the email the comedian writes:

"I'm doing a gig in which I will play none (zero) of my comedy songs. I will instead be performing other songs wot I have writ. I won't be wearing (much) make-up. I will be wearing (2) shoes. I will have a band made up of Pete and Brad and Tristan. Did I mention I won't be doing funny songs? I won't."(sic)

Minchin, who was born in the England, first enjoyed real commercial success in Australia, which he has now translated to the UK. Australian pundits have suggested today that this show could be Minchin testing the waters to see whether he can have a career outside of comedy.

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In the email he continues, "This is the first of this sort of gig I have done in London, and will be the last... unless we all have fun, in which case we'll do lots more. Standing tickets only."