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Thornhill Unleash New Single, 'Temperer'

22 March 2017 | 5:01 pm | Alex Sievers
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Damn Thornhill, back at it again with the bangers.

Damn Thornhill, back at it again with the bangers.

Melbourne upstarts Thornhill have tonight dropped their soaring new, riff-heavy single, 'Temperer'.

This new track from the local "alternative metalcore" quintet is a combination of prior songs such as 'Patterns' and 'Tunnel Vision'. It also continues on what made their debut EP '13' such a solid affair; clean, melodic guitars mixed with heavy, crunchy riffs with tight, surging low-end and modern prog-metal-inspired drum patterns underneath said riffs, all with solid vocal melodies and powerful screams flying over the top of the remaining instrumentation. And it is those vocals that are by far the biggest step up for this band's sound right now. So, big kudos to vocalist Jacob Charlton for stepping up his game here.

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On top of all that, the production and the mix here is not only larger in its sonic scope than '13', but it's also stronger and snappier in impact - which works wonders for their style of heavy music. On ya, Sam Bassal! Furthermore, 'Temperer', overall, doesn't go on for any longer than it should, thankfully, keeping things right to the point.

For my money, this is easily the cream of the crop for Thornhill's music currently. While they're still young with much to do and prove, this new single speaks incredibly well of what this budding five-piece could offer up next.

But that's then, this is now. Check out 'Temperer' below and get in on these guys at the very ground level. Because something tells me great things are install for Thornhill in 2017 and while this may be pure hyperbole, Northlane had better watch out...

Be sure to pick up the new single here or you can merely stream it on Spotify over hereRead our review of '13' by clicking here