The Who's Roger Daltrey Threatens To Stop Gig If Pot-Smoking Punter Doesn't Cut It Out

22 May 2015 | 11:34 am | Staff Writer

The revered muso has a well-documented allergy to cannabis smoke

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A fan in attendance at The Who's concert in New York City on Wednesday night (US time) almost brought the entire show to a halt after sparking up some marijuana near the stage, affecting vocalist Roger Daltrey's ability to perform.

Daltrey is actually allergic to pot smoke, a fact not hidden from those at Wednesday's event; as reported by Newsday's reviewer at the gig, Daltrey's condition was "emphasised" via a series of informational slides projected to the audience prior to the band's set.

The trouble reportedly set in during the early stages of The Who's 21-song-strong performance, with the Newsday reviewer, Glenn Gamboa, noting that all appeared to be well with Daltrey's voice at the outset (I Can't Explain), but the palpable tension came after fourth song The Kids Are Alright, while Daltrey was noticeably struggling by sixth song I Can See For Miles.

Some fan-shot footage of the interruption has since emerged online, with the singer confronting the clandestine cannabis consumer in the clip (while nearby crowd members chant "Eat it! Eat it!"): "...I'm telling you now, the show will be over [if the joint isn't extinguished]. So, it's your choice. I can't do anything about it. I'm doing my best."

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The fan seemingly acquiesced to the rocker's condition and request, with The Who regrouping to make their way through Squeeze Box and the aforementioned I Can See For Miles before Daltrey reportedly fully recovered to tackle the remainder of the set without incident.

Daltrey and co-founder Pete Townshend are currently touring their The Who Hits 50! tour in celebration of their five-decade-long career. They have four shows left in the United States before heading to Europe for the next leg of the sojourn.