The Veronicas Announce New Album 'Gothic Summer'

17 October 2023 | 2:39 pm | Mary Varvaris

New music is on the way.

The Veronicas @ Good Things Festival

The Veronicas @ Good Things Festival (Credit: Markus Ravik)

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Twin sister music duo The VeronicasJess and Lisa Origliasso – have officially announced that their sixth album, Gothic Summer, is on the way.

Sharing the exciting news across their social media accounts, the pair didn’t reveal a release date for the new album but did include a pre-save link and showcased the new album artwork.

Depicting the two sisters lying underneath a blue Chevrolet with their legs on the road, Gothic Summer also has a Parental Advisory: Explicit Content sticker plastered on the front. You can check out the album art below and pre-save Gothic Summer here.

Gothic Summer is a promising title with possible hints towards the music packed within – we can’t wait to know more.

With a new album on the way, could punters at this weekend’s When We Were Young festival in Las Vegas hear a new Veronicas song while they’re performing on stage? The Veronicas are performing at When We Were Young 2023, an emo and pop-punk revival music festival, alongside headliners blink-182 and Green Day and amongst 5 Seconds Of Summer, The Offspring, Yellowcard, MxPx, Michelle Branch, Sum 41, Simple Plan, The Ataris and many more.

The Veronicas put fans into a spin in September 2022 by announcing that the sisters would release solo music.

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They wiped their social media accounts save for a caption that read, "Love knows not its own depth, until the hour of separation".

Jessica Oriliasso confirmed to 9Honey Celebrity that The Veronicas are not splitting up, sharing, "The Veronicas are not breaking up by any means, that's not happening," Jess asserted, adding that they have new music coming out as a duo "ASAP". "We love each other. We're each other's biggest fans." 

The Veronicas dropped two albums in 2021, Godzilla and Human, the latter of which The Music described as "a near-perfect pop album".

Reviewer Keira Leonard noted: "The Veronicas provide a far more intimate perspective into their world with Human than they did with Godzilla, and it is a welcome change for lovers of broody, emotive pop. 

"The pair's last album, released only a month prior, was super-charged electro-pop that lacked a special something. Human, like Godzilla, is a world of fun, but what is particularly special about this album is that it is also incredibly raw – and that is when the pair absolutely thrive."