Album Review: The Veronicas - 'Human'

28 June 2021 | 10:04 am | Keira Leonard

"A near-perfect pop album."

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The Veronicas provide a far more intimate perspective into their world with Human than they did with Godzilla and it is a welcome change for lovers of broody, emotive pop. 

The pair's last album, released only a month prior, was super-charged electro-pop that lacked a special something. Human, like Godzilla, is a world of fun; but what is particularly special about this album is that it is also incredibly raw – and that is when the pair absolutely thrive.

A perfect opener should give insight into an album's entirety and Without You does just that. It draws the listener straight in with some of The Veronicas’ most vulnerable lyrics to date, as they sing of a volatile relationship that now has them thriving. There is a sound of raw pain throughout the poppiness, making it an instant emotional release. 

Piano-driven LA slows things back down for a moment after some of Human’s most electro-driven tracks. The introspective song meshes brilliantly with the album’s surrounding stories, and it is another reason this album flows so damn well.

Goodbye is an honest, somewhat sexy tale about the brink of an affair. It does well in highlighting the pair's vocals in the softer parts and accentuating their attitude in the fast-paced chorus. It’s cool as hell, having all the right hooks for an addictive pop banger.

The choice of collaborators in Human are nothing past sublime. Movie Star Feat. FR33SOL & Lavva is an incredible pop song that should deservedly turn the pair into household names. Having previously worked on his Like A Version hit Big Yellow Taxi, The Veronicas make a killer choice in joining forces with Allday again in Life Of The Party. The major highlight comes when Wrabel joins the girls on Out Of Time, his wispy vocals alongside The Veronicas' fiery ones are a match made in heaven.

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The songs on Human are as addictive as they are truly fascinating. The twins have absolutely nailed it. With flawless musical partnerships, catchy hooks, and gutsy, heartfelt lyrics, it’s a recipe for a near-perfect pop album.