The Veronicas Are Not Splitting Up

7 September 2022 | 9:13 am | Brenton Harris

“The Veronicas are not breaking up by any means, that’s not happening”

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The Veronicas are not splitting up after all. The Aussie pop stars sent the local industry into a spin on Monday by appearing to go their separate ways. 

The sisters wiped their social media clean, save for the caption reading "Love knows not its own depth, until the hour of separation" and announced individual solo singles, that are expected to arrive today. The result was the widespread belief that they were saying goodbye, forever. 

The 37-year-old twins Lisa and Jessica Oriliasso have now revealed that they are not splitting up and have plans to work together and release music together in the future. 

Speaking to 9Honey Celebrity at a promotional event for a vodka brand, Jess confirmed they are not splitting. 

"We haven't split, we're just releasing solo music," the duo doubled down on the fact that they are staying together in an interview with Yahoo Lifestyle 

“The Veronicas are not breaking up by any means, that’s not happening,” Jessie asserts, adding that they have new music coming out as a duo “ASAP”. “We love each other. We're each other's biggest fans.”

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The twins go on to explain that they consider the solo projects a bit of a "social experiment" 

“It’s almost like a social experiment in the idea that we're seen as one identity, and people got freaked out that we stepped into a solo identity and that we were representing ourselves for the first time. I think that that was really scary for people, and look, that’s been scary to us in some capacity not to be able to lean on each other as much creatively as we have for 17 years, but it's also really empowering. What we keep saying is we're powerful together, but we're also powerful alone, and the whole spirit of this campaign is that we want to encourage feminine people to know they are powerful and they are capable and entitled to pleasure themselves without any permission from the world.”

Fans can rest easy knowing that more live shows and fresh material is on the way from The Veronicas.