The Prince Aus Tour Ticketing Saga Is An Exercise In Heartbreak & Hysteria

9 February 2016 | 3:10 pm | Staff Writer

One person's boundless joy is another's unbridled despair

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Tickets for Prince's imminent Piano & A Microphone tour of Australia went on sale at midday today, and it's safe to say that the consequent results have been pretty damn divisive — seemingly even more so than usual when this sort of thing comes to town.

As expected, countless Aussies flocked to online outlets to secure their pass to see The Purple One in action in just a few days' time and, also as expected, the vendors' websites couldn't handle the volume of traffic hitting their servers. Virtual queuing times stretched north of an hour-and-a-half in some cases, according to the punters stuck waiting in vain hope for pages to refresh and tell them that, yes, they had a date with the artist formerly known as The Artist Formerly Known As Prince.

The fact that Telstra has also confirmed their network was today hit by a "mass" outage affecting multiple states (shout-out to the guy who asked them if they'd tried turning it off and turning it on again) probably didn't help matters — though it's unlikely that, even if the telco had been fully operational, the Prince situation would have been much better, if the stream of unfiltered feelings being proffered on social media is anything to go by.

In the seeming blink of an eye, reasonably priced tickets ($99.90) were snapped up by those fortunate enough to break through and snag their passes, selling out in a flash while others were left feeling bewildered and frustrated, leaving pretty much only the near-$400 stubs (and even more expensive VIP packages, capping out at an utterly ludicrous — even for Prince — $968.36) available to the poor sods left hanging by the frankly habitual shitting of the bed by the tour's Australian ticketing sellers.

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Twitter, especially, simultaneously became a celebration ground and a graveyard of dreams for Prince's local fans; an emotional roller-coaster of boundless joy, unbridled despair and bubbling anger as people come to terms with their individual realities regarding their prospects of seeing Prince.

If you're into schadenfreude, this one's for you.

team ‘I’m in heaven’

team ‘I’m in hell’

team both

team ‘$400? Get fucked, mate’

We could go on forever, but maybe you should just grab some popcorn and trawl through the wreckage yourself