The Belatedly-Famous Aussie Artist Who Is About To Tour Europe

5 November 2015 | 11:27 am | Neil Griffiths

A truly feel-good story.

Unless you REALLY know your '70s Australian music you probably haven't heard much about songwriter Howard Eynon.

In 1974, the Hobart local released his EP, So What If I'm Standing In Apricot Jam, and while it enjoyed some success upon its release, little was heard from Eynon after that — that is, until ten years ago when the now 68-year-old artist was informed by his son that the material was being auctioned on eBay for $850.

Soon after, Eynon was contacted by London label Fire Records who informed him that he had quite the fan base overseas and that they wanted to reissue the album, as well as send him off on a European tour. 

Speaking to theMusic, Eynon was shocked by the proposition, but knew it was something he couldn't pass up on. 

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"To me it’d always been like unfinished business," he explains. 

"It’d always been something I felt as incomplete. When this sudden injection of interest happened and I realised there were people around who actually liked it, it provided a heap of motivation."

Eynon will perform his first show in Netherland's Utrecht for the Le Guess Who festival on 20 November, before he moves on to play in Spain, England and France through to mid-December.

The trip is set to be his first European tour and he reveals that he was initially conflicted about the decision. 

"When the guy said ‘Do you want to do a tour of Europe?’ the 33-year-old in me said, ‘Oh yeah, sure’, and I put the phone down," he recalls.

"But then the 68-year-old in me said ‘What did you just say?'"

Though he has found success later in his life, Eynon is adamant that he is not interested in the superficial side of success and claims he will always be the humble musician out of Tumbi Umbi.

"Honestly the fame and glory is ridiculous," he laughs. 

"The joy of just getting on with it, I love that."

Eynon also revealed that discussions for a new album are underway, though he admits that it will depend on the success of his upcoming tour. 

"If I go over to Europe and it's all crap, obviously what we’re talking about isn't going to happen," he says.

"But if I go over there and people like it…then I reckon we’d have something in the first few months [of 2016]."

Sydney fans can catch Eynon in concert before he heads overseas at Brookevale's The Music Lounge on 13 November. 

For more details including a look at his entire European schedule, check out Eynon's Facebook page.