Taxiride And Boom Crash Opera To Tour Australia Together In 2019

19 December 2018 | 10:03 am | Staff Writer

"A challenge we can’t wait to through down….”

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For the first time in a decade, Aussie rockers Taxiride and Boom Crash Opera will join forces for a headline tour of the country. 

Starting next February in Melbourne, the Crazy Ride tour will make its way through Sydney, Brisbane and Eagleby.

“The connections are endless," Boom Crash Opera singer, Peter Farnan, said.

"We’ve toured together, we’ve played together. Members and ex-members have co-mingled in bands all over the place. Above all there’s the respect we have for each other’s work. And privately - who can pull out the most hits on any given night? There’s the challenge... a challenge we can’t wait to through down….” 

Taxiride's Jason Singh added, "You probably couldn’t get a more perfectly matched double bill in my opinion. 

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"Boom Crash Opera have been a constant companion throughout my musical life. With seven hits from their debut album alone, it makes for a hit-filled night to remember. We’ve toured together before, in fact the last tour Taxiride did before we took a much- needed long break was with BCO.

"So, for us to reform to celebrate the amazing legacy we’ve worked for and to pick it up where we left off with BCO is incredible”. 

Tickets are on sale now; for more details, scroll down.