Sydney Residents Hit The Streets To Again Protest Lockout Laws

14 December 2015 | 10:18 am | Staff Writer


Hundreds of Sydney locals took to the streets on Saturday to protest the city's lockout laws for the second time in just three months. 

Commencing in Newtown at 2pm, the Reclaim The Streets event saw protesters march down King Street as more than 30 local bands and DJs took part in the "moving music festival".

As Fairfax reports, an organiser of the festival, Chris Lego, said that Sydney residents are being unfairly punished due to the behaviour of a small group of people. 

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"If the government shuts down our dance floors, we'll dance on the streets," Lego said.

"We don't believe we should be collectively punished for the brutal stupidity of one or two people. There's been an over-policing of fun, spontaneity and creativity in Sydney. It's not good enough." 

Meanwhile, promoter Nick Parker said the laws are also having a detrimental impact on musicians and artists throughout the city. 

"We're trying to build a music culture - so many DJs and musicians want to be heard but they're not getting the chance because they're being shut down by the lockout laws," Parker said.

"They're just not meeting their quotas."

Saturday's event comes just three months after Reclaim hosted a rally against the lockouts in which protesters made their way from Hyde Park all the way through to Kings Cross, where a number of popular venues have had to shut down due to financial struggles.