Stroke Goodbye To The Beards Next Year On Their Farewell Tour

7 December 2015 | 10:00 am | Staff Writer

"A lot more people have beards now than when we started out, and people now realise that beards are totally boss."

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Your favourite bearded brethren The Beards are finally shaving off* their beards, shedding their touring ways and ticking off their mission to make beards revered the world over, but not without announcing the crown jewel of all farewell tours in 2016.

The band will embark on a final, colossal 35-date tour for the first half of 2016, in order to say thanks to all those who have joined The Beards on their journey all these years. 

Frontman Johann Beardraven says, "We feel like we've achieved what we set out to achieve through music. A lot more people have beards now than when we started out, and people now realise that beards are totally boss. We’ll now be moving on to Phase Two of our pro-beard operation, but not before we go around one last time and say a heartfelt thankyou to everyone who's come out to see us over the years, and especially to everyone who's grown a beard, or adopted a pro-beard attitude."

Keeping their "Phase Two" plans fairly vague, bassist Nathaniel Beard adds, "We'll still be actively propagating a pro-beard agenda – but don't expect us to be out there playing shows.

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"Now that beards have been rightfully revived, it's time for us to take our crusade to the next level. We can't be too specific about what this will involve, but it may well include starting some kind of religious organisation, an armed military unit, or moving into the realm of children's entertainment. Whatever it is, you had better believe it's going to be very much about beards."

The band's farewell tour will encompass two sets — one with their stripped-back acoustic sound and one with the rollicking rock sound you've come to enjoy so much.

Head to theGuide for full details on The Beards' 35-date farewell tour, stopping nationally from 20 January to 2 July.

*We don't know that. They'll probably rock beards until the day they die.