Split Seconds Reveal Financial Album Troubles

10 August 2012 | 6:57 pm | Scott Fitzsimons

'We can’t go home because we don’t have enough money.'

Perth's Split Seconds have revealed in a recent interview about the financial struggles they faced amidst the production of their debut record, You'll Turn To Me.

“Because we're an independent band and we don't have too much financial backing from anyone but ourselves," said frontman Sean Pollard, "it got a bit harder to make it over all the time. Especially last year, we did, I think, four tours and a couple of festivals.”

Independent bands are now moving towards other methods, such as crowd funding options. Recently the Cosmic Psychos reach a crowd funding target of $28,000 for their upcoming documentary.

Pollard continued, “A couple of times we just ended up getting stuck in no-man's land. At one point, we got stuck in Melbourne for something like ten days. We were just, like, 'We can't go home because we don't have enough money, so we have to stay here and find accommodation; we can't stay on these people's couches for ten days, there's six of us, including our manager!'

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"We realised that we were just losing so much money on tours and we decided that, by that time the album comes out, if we wanted to tour it properly, we would have to move. So we've moved over now [to Melbourne], but we still see ourselves as a Perth band.”