Spiritbox have featured on a new Illenium track and we SIMP.

13 May 2022 | 11:18 am | Staff Writer
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We will never NOT cover anything Spiritbox/Courtney LaPlante related. So, in that spirit (*giggle*) we recommend that you get this in your ears immediately. Illenium is an EDM artist who has previously collaborated with I Prevail and more, so there is pedigree and history here on heavy music/EDM projects. It features SOARING vocals from Courtney, then some screams then a FAT dubstep breakdown, so, you know, PLAY ON!

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Please be upstanding and salute the arrival of new Spiritbox/Courtney LaPlante content. Courtney from Spiritbox (maybe all the members of Spiritbox?) have collaborated with Illenium to release this new single 'Shivering'.

The track doesn't shy away from the heavy elements of Spiritbox, nor does it fail to highlight and showcase Courtney's gorgeous voice nor Illenium's chops in EDM and dubstep styles. 

On collaborating with Spiritbox, ILLENIUM shared, “Spiritbox has been one of my favorite bands for a minute and being able to work with them has been a dream. They’re incredibly talented and Courtney has a voice unlike anyone. Definitely one of my favorite songs I’ve been a part of.
Watching ILLENIUM work and create on the spot was such an amazing thing to witness and be a part of.” Spiritbox’s Courtney LaPlante and Mike Stringer shared. “It was an honor working with him, and we appreciate his willingness to push boundaries, and use his influence to bring metal to the masses.

This is going in our playlists and is getting a F L O G G I N G. It 100% satiates the need for new Spiritbox, while also being something incredibly fresh and different. The collaboration and amalagam of styles here TOTALLY works and I can see this being a real fan-favourite - I'd love to see both Spiritbox being able to play a "live" version of this maybe minus the dubstep breakdown and substituting it for a metalcore breakdown, AND also Courtney take to the stage to perform it live to EDM fans at Illenium concerts. I genuinely hope BOTH happen. 

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