Soundwave Ban Selfie Sticks For Sydney & Brisbane

24 February 2015 | 1:29 pm | Staff Writer

Plus a dude hits himself with his own phone

With Soundwave set to roar through Sydney and Brisbane this weekend, punters have been urged to leave their selfie sticks at home by promoter AJ Maddah.

The outspoken music festival identity took to Twitter over the weekend to slam punters with “those fucking camera sticks” and has since indicated that anyone who brings one of the sticks will have to leave them in a cloakroom.

Talking to Fairfax Maddah said, “It is just the ultimate expression of narcissism… Most of them are pointed at the stage with kids taking photos. But I think the one that kind of put it in perspective for me was there was a band set going and a young girl pointed it at herself. It took every fibre of resistance I had not to just grab the stick off her and kick her out.”

He added, “But then I figured she may have possibly paid for her ticket and so I resisted.”

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Maddah believes he counted about 40 or 50 people using the sticks in Melbourne and in regards to the Sydney and Brisbane events, “It's absolutely not going to happen. We're just not going to tolerate one person using them… It is insane that people don't have enough courtesy to care about the people around them. Just don't bring them.”

That’s not the only way that phones can cause a nuisance of themselves at festivals, either. This punter below did himself some damage with his own phone while escaping a mosh pit.