Softwar Chasing House Sound On New EP

22 June 2013 | 12:01 pm | Troy Mutton

Jeremy Lloyd talks going for the 'it' sound

If Disclosure have taught us anything in 2013, it's that clubs are done with aggressive electro and dumbstep – people are down to funk with the groovy house sounds of yesteryear, and Sydney duo Softwar are another young pair making happy house while the sun shines.

“I think house music is the 'it' word now for a lot of people which is really good to see, and I think what we tried to do with this EP is a proper, straight up club track.” So tells Jeremy Lloyd, who along with good friend Myles Du Chateau formed Softwar a couple of years back.

The EP he speaks of is their latest, Believe/One Day, featuring the titular singles along with remixes from Francis Inferno Orchestra and Detroit Swindle. “We really just wanted to aim for that [house sound] and I think we nailed it, in terms of just what we wanted, and a lot of people are just having a good time with it which is great.

“The DJ feedback we've been getting has been really, really positive. A lot of people have been digging the Detroit Swindle remix [of One Day], but Believe's got the most amount of positive feedback.”

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