Sing It Loud release statement on band status

14 December 2011 | 9:41 am | Staff Writer
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Sing It Loud have released a statement via their blog on the status of the band and the re-issue of their original EP.

Sing It Loud have released a statement via their blog on the status of the band and the re-issue of their original EP.

The statement is as follows:

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Hey all,

Kieren here. As you may have noticed we sent out some Twitter/Facebook updates tonight. Honestly, I can’t believe all the responses we have gotten. It has been a while since SIL has done anything and well over a year since we “broke up”. Bands are a tricky thing. You have different people with very different personalities and tastes all trying to achieve a common goal in their own way. Obviously we have all changed individually within the five years we spent together, but I can honestly say I am blown away by how much everyone has grown up post Sing It Loud. We have all had time apart to figure out who we are and where we want to go with our lives and it is extremely refreshing. It is nice to have everyone talking and being friends again. That is how it should be.

Now on to what we are here to talk about… First of all, despite what some of you may have “heard”, we are NOT officially getting back together as Sing It Loud. Sorry if that upsets anyone, but we are all busy at the moment with what we are doing individually. However, with that said, we ARE entertaining some cool ideas of how to give back to all the amazing people who have supported us throughout the years and continue to support us. We don’t want to be the band that breaks up and gets back together every six months as if it’s a volatile high school relationship. That’s bullshit. We all love each other and want to have fun with our band again and plus, we care about our fans way too much to do that. So instead we are re-launching our original EP which we recorded before we signed with Epitaph. Obviously bands who re-release material annoy people, so we have added two acoustic b-sides to the record. The album is live on iTunes, you can get it at the link below.

As far as what we will be doing in 2012, we still have to figure that out. I am being completely honest here. We don’t want to stage a huge come-back and then not come through with it, but we are all talking again and bouncing ideas back and forth. This may not be the appropriate thing to talk about openly as it may confuse or bum some people out, but I really don’t give a fuck. Anyone who supports Sing It Loud deserves to know EXACTLY what’s going on with us. We are all extremely excited to be independent musicians again and love that we can share some unreleased songs with everyone. Hopefully we will be able to share some new jams in the future as well and maybe, JUST MAYBE, we will be able to jump around on stage like idiots and see Nate Flynn with his shirt off once again…. just like old times.

Again, I apologize to anyone who was expecting a new album or a tour- trust me, I would love to get back in that nasty blue van again and see all of your beautiful faces! Hopefully this is a start to the next chapter of Sing It Loud. So please go check out the record on iTunes, drink a beer (or sprite, if that’s your thing), and enjoy the new(ish) songs!

Much love and until next time…

Kieren, (the)Pat Brown, Nate, Ben, and Sickboy