Simon Crean: 'Label Scandal Didn't Affect Arts Funding'

10 May 2012 | 4:08 pm | Scott Fitzsimons

The minister tells that the National Cultural Policy will be released later this year.

Federal Arts MinisterSimon Creanhas told that his decisions regarding arts funding in this week's Federal Budget, were not influenced by the scandal regarding funding for classical music label, Melba.

After Melba's level of funding came under attack by contemporary music stakeholders, observers warned that by attacking the distribution of arts funding the music industry could be putting industry-wide funding in jeopardy. Prior to this budget, Melba's funding was cut.

Today a spokesperson for Arts Minister Simon Crean denied that the outrage the scandal caused influenced his decision.

The budget includes $3 million over four years for contemporary music. Specifically, $1.7 million over four years will go to Sounds Australia, and $1.3 over four years to continue and "build on" existing industry programs such as Control (music management) and Generate (business development).

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Brett Cottle, CEO of the Australia Performing Right Association [APRA|AMCOS] welcomed the funding, saying it "is important in growing support for the entire music lifecycle – from live music venues in local pubs all the way to Australian songwriters and musicians breaking through in the US, Europe and Asia."

The Minister's office confirmed that the long-awaited National Cultural Policy is still being developed. "The funding announced in the 2012 budget is building the base for future growth of Australian arts and culture. The National Cultural Policy will be released later this year."