Randy Blythe Speaks From Czech Prison

18 July 2012 | 1:22 pm | Dan Condon

The Lamb Of God frontman can't understand why he's in prison, but seems in relatively good spirits in a Czech interview.

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Lamb Of God vocalist Randy Blythe has conducted his first interview since being charged with manslaughter three weeks ago, speaking with Czech news outlet Blesk.cz from Prague, where he is still in prison.

The interview, published in Czech, seems to suggest Blythe is more confused than frustrated with his situation. He says he doesn't recall any incident or really very much about the show in which a young man sustained injuries that in the end led to his death, this incident the reason Blythe has been imprisoned by Czech authorities for the past few weeks.

“I don't know about any incident,” Blythe said (thanks to Google Translate). “I play a lot of concerts, so I don't remember that one in particular. I just remember that the club had a small stage, which barely fit the band and our gear. Also, apparently there was a security guard because many people climbed onto the stage — including, I think, that one small boy in particular. But I could be confusing that club with another club.

“I didn't attack anyone. The only way I could have come into contact with the audience would be if I was defending myself from someone who had gotten onto the stage and was running or jumping around erratically.”

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He says that he is getting along well with his fellow inmates and says the conduct of the police officers he has dealt with has been “professional”, but can't understand why he is still imprisoned after posting bail shortly after he was charged.

“In terms justice, frankly, I don't understand because it's different here than it is in the U.S. I thought that if I made bail, I'd be released. I definitely don't understand how these charges can be brought against me — our goal is to satisfy the audience, and they liked the show and didn't leave feeling down about it.”

When asked what he plans to do upon his eventual release from prison, his response is humble; it will be business as usual for Blythe and hopefully for Lamb Of God.

“If I go back to the U.S., I have to mow the lawn, spend some time with my family, and then plunge back into performing so that I can pay my legal fees and help my friends earn money so that we can live decently. If I have to stay in the Czech Republic, I would look at the sights, especially in Prague. I'd go wherever Kafka went and eat dumplings.”

Read the full interview here. Thanks to Metalsucks for the translation.