Punter Experienced A Fractured Femur At Knotfest In Sydney

27 March 2023 | 11:27 am | Mary Varvaris

One TikTok commenter wrote, "this is so metal tho", which is difficult to disagree with.

(Jake Daebell on TikTok/Hayden Nixon)

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Knotfest punter Jake Daebell shared his experience of fracturing his femur at the Sydney leg of the festival on TikTok. 

“One broken femur later,” the text on the video reads as he continues to headbang while laying on the grass, paramedics giving him help. One paramedic, Tim Timmer, commented on TikTok, “happy to have helped,” while another bopped along to the music. 

Daebell said about the paramedics, “They made a great team, the fact they joined in on the entertainment made it so much more bearable.” One TikTok commenter wrote, "this is so metal tho", which is difficult to disagree with.

Daebell reportedly participated in a Wall Of Death during Bad Omens’ set, which led to the injury. Speaking with The Daily Mail Australia, Daebell revealed that he had suffered a spiral fracture to the femur bone in his left leg and was taken to St Vincent's hospital.

He underwent surgery on Saturday, 25 March, and needed a metal rod inserted “to have the bone screwed back in place”. He will need physiotherapy to walk like he used to.

It was the first time that Daebell had participated in a Wall Of Death, and he reportedly “wanted to make the most of it” while his favourite band, Bad Omens, were performing.

He called the experience of being “buried by a pile of bodies” terrifying.

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Bad Omens’ inaugural visit to Australia was born under a bad sign, with vocalist Noah Sebastian having to cut a Sydney sideshow short and pulling out of Friday’s proceedings due to debilitating vocal issues.

Sebastian addressed the shorter show in a statement shared on social media and wrote, “Tonight something happened with my voice that I can't explain as it's never happened to me before. 

"I take so much pride in my endurance as a vocalist and such good care of my voice on tour that until now I've felt invincible, but tonight I was humbled and finally experienced every singer's worst nightmare, during our first time ever in Australia no less.

“I chose to cut the set short instead of pushing on only out of concern that I'd potentially make whatever is wrong with my voice worse, and then also be unable to sing at the Knotfest performances that brought us here in the first place. With that said, my priority right now is getting my voice back to 100% in time for those last three shows here.”

The first-ever Knotfest in Australia travelled across Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane over the weekend. 

The devilish heavy metal festival was headlined by curators and innovators Slipknot, who were accompanied by Byron Bay legends Parkway Drive, Megadeth, Northlane, Spiritbox, Jake Daebell's favourite band Bad Omens, Viking metallers Amon Amarth, emo-rock favourites Story Of The Year, and many more. Check out our review of Knotfest in Sydney here.